enter the poem

enter the poet
have you ever made love to a poem
have you ever been inside another man’s life
have you ever slayed a dragon that tried to set fire to the story
have you ever been the one inside a room of mirrors
being water trying to be unscratchable
foolishly scratched by your own reflection
finding out time ran out standing still and you are ice
every scratch is the beginning of being cracked
hoping you will not get crushed you melt and run
realising time is dripping again
you let the drops slip trough your fingers and watch
have you ever really seen anything at all
have you ever imagined everything was a dream and even you were made up
have you ever mastered the art of creation
not adding up little bits of what you already know
finding without random chance what has never been before
have you ever stopped creating anything at all
have you ever been inside a poem with walls
and ceiling and floor not trying to find the door
have you ever tried not to find the door
have you ever been the poem
have you ever?
… now please
enter the poem


4 gedachtes over “enter the poem

  1. I had never until this moment..
    I had never anything at all
    until just know
    i never had ever
    but you opened my eyes
    you, ever
    and you showed me never isn’t always right
    who knows the normally never will change into ever
    and love will finish the never ending fight for ever

    (i am not trying to start a battle or anything, i really liked your poem! and I felt like responding:))


    1. I never stopped the neverending train of thought to neverland I never walked on anything but tinkerbells dear fairy dust
      have you ever walked on a stairway to heaven while descending deeper down a sacred chasm


  2. I have even though I reached for the highest of the high I went down the deepest of the deep where I made a sacrifice
    Have you ever touched the highest and the deepest the fullness and the void
    Have you ever seen empty overflow with all or anything at all


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