Black Victory

ZwarteVictorieBlack Victory

the blackest blackness
a composition of darkblack
a colorless accent
in a sea of deep black darkness
this is an invisible panther
this is the mamba that puts out the light
this is onyx this is ebony
this is negro this noir this is schwarz
(spanish french german)
this is no moon in the deep of night
in a windowless room
with eyes closed and blindfold
this is pitch this color sticks
this is the carbon in the ink
with which I write this is infinity
this is the perfect expression of all and nothing
¿this is an open question
what have I hidden in all this blackness?
here reality merely exists in theory
the answer to every question is fantasy
for all is relative
this is matter
with the mass of one million suns
that distorts space and time
this is beyond horizon
this is love for light so deep
that no single ray can escape
is this the entrance to a wormhole?
this is the midpoint of the universe
around which all revolves
the centre of the revolution
this is infinite
this is black beauty
¡Black is Beautiful!


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